Conference Theme

Challenging the Underlying Assumptions of Educational Systems

Global Education, Teaching & Learning Conference 2020 focuses on exploring and challenging the assumptions that underlie the way educational systems are structured and changing. As knowledge dissemination is crucial for the future of humanity, it is paramount to question diverse beliefs we take for granted. Numerous questions arise: How is/should an educational system be structured? What should it focus on? How should it evolve with the development of artificially intelligent systems? Assumptions that we often take for granted, significantly shape our present and the future. We would like to use 2020 GETL Conference as a platform for discussions on how to structure educational systems (at different levels) in order to deliver greatest value for an individual, but also humanity.

The purpose of the conference is to provide a research platform for academic researchers, doctoral students and practitioners on challenging the underlying assumptions of educational systems. This conference provides an opportunity for an interdisciplinary take on this issue from educational, teaching and learning viewpoints. Through its interdisciplinarity this conference aims at providing a platform for constructive dialogue on these important issues.

We welcome diverse contributions: conceptual and empirical; abstracts and full papers; research in early stages and fully completed papers. All submissions will be arranged in the three tracks (Education, Teaching, Learning), and we provide some ideas on what your research can focus (see Conference Topics). However, list is just indicative but not exhaustive – so we welcome also ideas that are not covered by our suggestions.

Please click here to download call for papers in PDF.