Conference venue: IMPORTANNE RESORT (Congress Hall Royal Princess in Royal Princess Hotel)

Importanne Resort is situated in the Babin Kuk area of the Lapad peninsula, about 2 miles (3.8 kilometres) from the old city centre. The Resort is connected to the walled Old City via bus routes 5 and 6, enabling resort guests easy access to one of the city’s best known streets, Stradun.

Importanne Resort offers its guests a multitude of services that, together with luxury accommodation and premium culinary experience, will make their stay perfect. Choosing from swimming at the beach, enjoying water sports with their family or revitalizing body and mind in wellness and spa centres will make guests to feel like celebrities. Enjoy their special programmes, live music, delicious grilled meats and fish, and a relaxing seaside stroll.

The Importanne Resort beach proudly flies the Blue Flag, a testimony to its exceptional cleanliness and quality and their concern for the environment. Their saltwater swimming pools, numerous activities and water sports as well as On the Rocks Cocktail Bar & Lounge complete this unique relaxation experience.

Importanne Resort has five hotels: Ariston*****, Neptun****, Royal Palm Hotel*****, Royal Blue Hotel*****, Royal Princess Hotel*****. All hotels are within walking distance and conference will take place in Royal Princess Hotel.  

We have organized especially attractive prices for you at conference hotels. The conference prices are:

Hotel Ariston *****

  1. Single occupancy – 190 EUR per night per room (breakfast included)
  2. Double occupancy – 200 EUR per night per room (breakfast included)

Hotel Neptun ****

  • Single occupancy – 175 EUR per night per room (breakfast included)
  • Double occupancy – 185 per night per room (breakfast included)

Hotel Royal Princess *****

  1. Deluxe suite – 280 EUR per night per suite (breakfast included)

Prices are valid for reservations made before August 01st, 2020. On and after that date it will depend on room availability.