Transport Information

Getting to Dubrovnik by Air

The easiest way to get to Dubrovnik is by air. Dubrovnik Airport is located in ─îilipi and is about 18 km (12 miles) outside the city. Dubrovnik is well connected with Zagreb airport but also with lot of European cities. To visit Dubrovnik Airport click here.

After landing at the airport and collecting your luggage, you can find the taxi stand right outside of the terminal. The transfer to Importanne Resort will cost about HRK 250-300 or you can go by public transportation. Importanne Resort and Dubrovnik Airport are connected via a bus line that runs after every flight. The bus leaves the airport and drives to Pile (the gates of the Old Town and main bus stop in the centre) and further to the Dubrovnik Bus Station. The price of the transfer is HRK 35.

If you decide to get off the bus at Pile, you can connect to Importanne Resort via the no. 6 bus route, which leaves every 15 to 20 minutes. If you decide to get off at the Bus Station (Kantafig), you can reach the resort on the no. 7 bus route, which runs every hour. The city bus tickets cost HRK 15

Getting to Dubrovnik by Car

From Dubrovnik Airport

From Zagreb (NOTICE: If you decide to drive from Zagreb be aware that you will be crossing national border with Bosnia and Herzegovina which is not an EU member.)